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  • 18 Jun 2016

    WA goes to AgFest 2016!

    Waterproofing Associates visits AgFest for the 2nd time to show support for our Lodi Community and participating coworkers.

But first, How about the story and update from AgFest 2015?

June 18, 16

It was just last year, June 20, 2015, when we first visited AgFest to show support for one of our Lodi co-workers daughter participating in the program. Waterproofing Associates President, Dennis Ryan enthusiastically bid livestock to share with families and employees as well as help support the agricultural youth of San Joaquin County. However, things did not go exactly as planned, hence the start our agricultural education.

The slide show above is of Will Turner when we caught up with him this year as well as some older pictures from last year. That is when Waterproofing Associates bid on his dairy cow and won the bid. When introductions were made, we expressed our excitement about winning the cow. It was at that moment where Will and his parents looked a bit concerned about us and proceeded to help educate us in the way of agricultural manners. This dairy cow was not raised for what we had in mind; it was a milk cow and bearing a calf. Oops, our bad.

Will and Dennis made and agreement for Will Turner to continue the care of the cow (Elaine) and eventually the calf (Taffy) and we went home satisfied and with a better understanding of bovine biology. Today, Will Turner said that Elaine (original milk cow) went on to a dairy and Taffy is shaping up quite fine to attend 2017’s AgFest. So that was last year's story, read this year's below!

Waterproofing Associates wins some bids at AgFest 2016.

June 18, 16

Waterproofing Associates targeted a few of the bids which stirred up plenty of fun. Two chickens, a turkey, three pigs and a sheep! We hope to build some relationships with the local communities while enjoying the opportunity to help support the student’s vocational projects and showing and selling of their livestock projects. Paige Hartung, shown in the pictures above participating, is daughter of one our Superintendents, and we most certainly enjoyed supporting her and the local community. This is truly a wonderful program and we hope to be welcome in the years to come.